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4th Annual Report on Motherhood Purchase Behaviours

The 4th Annual Report on Motherhood Purchase Behaviours will be presented on July 28th 2016 at Milan. The new Report exmines the consumption in baby products' markets and channels. The 2016 edition is going to be focused, in one hand, on the mothers as marketing target, who are becoming more and more "social" and "shopping experience" oriented. On the other hand the Report examines how stakeholders (brands, retails, and so on) are building new proposition strategies in order to get the right touch points with the customer's new orientation.
This complete vision about the baby products' whole market is possible only through Matercom Panel because it starts right from the mothers, the main responsibles for purchases.
Since 2012 we forecast and explain the new trends and we offer advanced solutions to deliver deep and high quality data.

Matercom is the only platform for analyzing consumer behavior on baby & toddler’s goods consumption.

Establish a strong relationship with consumers is your goal. Understand their needs is your priority.

We deliver smart insights to achieve high performances. Through our information you can shape your business strategies, optimizing time and costs.
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We manage a dynamic representative sample composed by 1.500 mothers. Our sample profiling method enables us to study every market pheno- menon, both through standard panel observations and ad hoc researches

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Matercom is Knowledge

We manage a dynamic representative sample composed by 1.500 mothers and we study every industry of baby & toddler’s specialist market. Thanks to the high level of customer profiling we can provide deep custom studies of any specific phenomenon. These features set our leadership in the baby & toddler’s markets research field. We firmly believe that such a delicate area of study requires both the highest accuracy and the most reliable strictness: this is why our quality has been already trusted by important brands.

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